Who are we &
Why do we exist?


About Us

FIN-PAY was founded in 2019 by several entrepreneurs, with some of them working for large enterprises, start-ups, financial services, and even a unicorn. They all shared similar pain points in business relating to slow onerous payments.


They put their collective minds together and came to the conclusion that payment processing was well overdue for an update due to the inefficiencies in global payment infrastructure especially when across borders, multiple mediums or platforms.


By 2020, after many double shifts, they had built a new frictionless digital processing framework to facilitate faster global payments across all borders and on multiple platforms.

Our Core Values



Create an amazing user experience for customers and merchants. Think outside the box and practice customer empathy.



Care and nurture each other's wellbeing. Energise the workplace that brings out best in employees by providing a nourishing mental, physical and emotional balance.



By working in partnership with others we seek to raise the bar, find new solutions and set new standards for the future when it comes to philanthropic initiatives.